Art direction

Showcased project

Pre-Raphaelite Art

Conception of a photo shoot, a dress and decoration for a photo that brings us back to the art movement

Showcased project

Creation and photography of a printed magazine

Inspired by social change and the fight for sustainability. Concept fashion magazine about the need for change in the industry and in society in general

Showcased project

Branding and fashion film

Creating the concept video around a denim brand inspired by fantasy

Showcased project

Concept proposal and presentation

Inspired by the moon and a fierce woman, a concept of collection with a specific style of photography for a fashion brand

Showcased project

70s Style Photo Shoot and Styling

Inspired by vintage stores, curating a 70s wardrobe to style with an abandoned field and a dated photography editing

Web design & UX


E-Commerce  and portfolio websites

Pages that represent the artist or the brand in an easy, understandable way for the final user

Studio Website Mockup
Mockup Weisheng Paris article
Paradigme Mode home mobile mockup

Fashion merchandising

Showcased project

Private Brand in New-York

Conception of a new collection with all the technical aspects, pricing and production calendar.

Merchandising calendar



Web Design, UX, Project management

Principles of web design, advise and follow a project from conception to prototype, using the design thinking methodology

Garment design

Showcased project

20s inspired wool jacket

Design from scratch of a modern yet art deco inspired jacket made for one fashion event